Zuruzi Abu Samah


PhD studies (2000-2005) University of California, Santa Barbara,
Dissertation: Integration of Nanostructured Titania into Microsystems.

B.ASc.(Materials Engineering) with honours (1993-1997), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Final Year Thesis: Formation and growth of Cu-Sn intermetallics during soldering,
Honours Year Thesis: Diffusion bonding of Al 6061 in air

International Fellowship, National Science Scholars Program, Science and
Engineering Research Council, Agency for Science Technology and Research, Singapore.

Graduate Student Award, Materials Research Society.

Work Experience:
Army, Singapore Armed Forces (1991-1993), Non-commissioned officer, 5th Singapore Infantry Regiment.

Murata Electronics, Singapore Site (1996), Student Engineer, Member of team that developed processes and qualified Cu into low temperature co-fired ceramic-based multilayer devices for large volume production.

Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, Singapore (1997-2000), Junior staff, Member of teams that realized high thermal stability nickel monosilicide contacts and a high density solder-based area array interconnect technology on organic substrates.

Selected Journal Publications (13 total)

1. Zuruzi, A. S., Ward, M. S., MacDonald, N. C., Fabrication and characterization of patterned micrometer scale interpenetrating Au-TiO2 network nanocomposites, Nanotechnology, 2005, 16, 1029-1034

2. Zuruzi, A.S., MacDonald, N.C., Facile fabrication and integration of patterned nanostructured titania for microsystems applications, Adv. Func. Mater., 2005, 15, 396-402.

3. Bouxsein, N.F., Hirst, L.S., Li, Y.L., Safinya, C.R., Abu Samah, Z., MacDonald, N.C., Pynn, R., Alignment of filamentous proteins and associated molecules through confinement in microchannels, Appl. Phys. Lett., 2004, 85, 5775-5777.

4. Lee, R.T.P., Zuruzi, A.S., Lahiri, S.K., Maskless process for fabrication of ultra-fine pitch solder bumps for flip chip interconnects. J. Electron. Pack., 2003, 125, 597-601.

5. Chi, D.Z., Mangelinck, D., Zuruzi, A.S., Wong, A.S.W., Lahiri, S.K., Nickel silicide as a contact material for submicron CMOS devices. J. Electron. Mater., 2001, 30, 1483-1488.

6. Zuruzi, A.S., Chiu, C.H., Lahiri, S.K., Tu, K.N., Roughness evolution of Cu6Sn5 intermetallic during soldering, J. Appl. Phys., 1999, 86, 4916-4921.

Selected Conference Contributions (18 total)

1. DeRosa, D.[+], Zuruzi, A.S., MacDonald, N.C., Facile fabrication and integration of nanostructured titania into microsystems: Effect of parent Ti microstructure on kinetics of reaction. To be presented at the Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society, San Francisco, March 28th – April 1st (2005). ([+] Undergraduate summer student/intern from University of Arizona, Tucson)

2. Zuruzi, A.S., Ward, M.S., Ding, C.S., MacDonald, N.C., Composite contacts in microsystems: Fabrication of Metal-Nanostructured titania nanocomposites. To be presented at the Spring Meeting of the Materials Research Society, San Francisco, March 28th – April 1st (2005).

3. Zuruzi, A.S., Kolmakov, A., Moskovits, M., MacDonald, N.C., Low-cost integrated sensors utilizing patterned nano-structured titania arrays fabricated using a simple process. Oral presentation at the Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society, Boston, November 29th - December 3rd (2004).

4. Li, Y., Yasa, M., Zuruzi, A.S., MacDonald, N.C., Safinya, C.R., A Bragg Fressnel focusing mirror with an integrated micro-electromechanical bender. Oral presentation at the American Physical Society Meeting, Montreal, March 22nd - 26th (2004).

5. Zuruzi, A.S., Butler, B.C., Safinya, C.R., MacDonald, N.C., Enhanced initial attachment of fibroblast cells on titanium oxide and nitride thin films. Poster presentation at the Fall Meeting of the Materials Research Society, Boston, December 1st - 5th (2003).

6. Mangelinck, D., Gas, P., Pey, K.L., Chi, D.Z., Dai, J.Y., Lahiri, S.K., Zuruzi, A.S., Lee, P.S., Chan, L.P., Potential of Ni(Pt)Si for salicidation of ultimate CMOS. The 3rd International Micro and Nanotechnology Meeting, Grenoble, France, September 22nd – 26th (2003).

Intellectual Property (2 Singapore patents, 1 On file at United States Patent and Trademark Office)

1. Mangelinck, D., Zuruzi, B.A.S., Lahiri, S.K., An alloy and method for increasing the thermal stability of nickel silicide. (Singapore Patent: Issued on 30th July 2004, Application number 200003795-2, 2000)

2. Zuruzi, A.S., Lee, R.T.P., Lahiri, S.K., Forming an electrical contact on an electronic component. (Singapore Patent: Issued on 30th November 2004, Application number 200100049-6, 2001. United States Patent and Trademark Office: Filed on 2nd January 2002, Application number 20020102765, 2002).


Other Interests:
Music, motorcycling, movies, jogging and football (soccer).