About the Shop:

The College of Engineering Machine Shop at the Univeristy of California, Santa Barbara is a full-service machine shop that provides machining, assembly, fabrication services, and design assistance in support of research projects and instructional laboratories on campus.  The shop is equipped with conventional and CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) mills and lathes, EDMs (Electrical Discharge Machines), welding equipment, bandsaws, grinders, etc.  See below for a more detailed list of the services offered.

In addition to machining services, the shop also is available for use by students, staff, and faculty from the College of Engineering during the hours that the shop is open.  Anyone from the College of Engineering can use all of the conventional machines available in the shop to make projects for their labs, classes, etc.  The shop staff is always available to help with any questions users may have.  Projects that are NOT acceptable are personal projects such as fixing a bicycle, personal prototype, table/shelves/etc. for apartment or home, etc.       

Passing the safety test is REQUIRED before ANYONE can use the shop; please read the Safety Handout thoroughly before attempting to take the test.  Contact John Clark (jjclrk@engineering.ucsb.edu ) to make an appointment to take the test.  If you have not used the shop in a while, then please review the 3 handouts listed below for ME12S to refresh your memory; this will be a great help for yourself and the shop staff.

Shoes that cover the ENTIRE foot are required to come into the shop.  No Crocs, hiking sandal type shoes, ballet flats, flip flops, etc.  If you can see skin or sock on the top or sides of your foot, the shoes are NOT acceptable.

The shop also offers an Introduction to Machine Shop class through the Mechanical Engineering Department.  The class (ME 12S) is designed to introduce people to the machining process, such as reading blueprints, checking tolerances, and using the conventional machines to make their parts; currently, the class is making a compressed air motor. Please see below for more information.



Contact the Shop


Shop Location & Hours:

  • The shop is located in the basement of the Arts building facing the lagoon

       Campus Map [Arts Bldg (Bldg # 534), Room 0249]       

  • 8am - 5pm   Monday - Friday (Closed on official University holidays)



Services Available:

  • Professional machining and welding services: milling, turning, grinding, wire and sinker EDM, CNC, etc.
  • Design assistance: consultation, CAD drawing
  • Student machine shop for use by undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff in the College of Engineering
  • Work area for Mechanical Engineering design projects (ME 153, ME 189, etc.)
  • Hand and power tools (some can be loaned out if approved by shop staff - logout book must be filled out prior to the tools
    leaving the shop)
  • Stock material and fasteners are available on a recharge basis

Submitting a Job:

Andy Weinberg (Shop Supervisor)- Contact for recharge job request, recharge questions, or machine shop help.   andyw@engineering.ucsb.edu

John Clark (Student Shop Supervisor)- Contact for ME12s, Student projects, or student CNC use.   jjclrk@engineering.ucsb.edu

Phone: (805) 893-2136   or   (805) 893-4090

Fax: (805) 893-8820


 Spring 2015 shop free time:

  Monday: 8am-1pm

  Tuesday: All day **5pm-8pm**  

  Wednesday: 8am-1pm

  Thursday: 12pm-5pm **5pm-8pm**

  Friday: 8-9 am and 12-2pm

**Subject to change at any time**



Spring 2015 1 on 1 CNC project time

Tuesday is set aside for 1 on 1 CNC projects.  Contact John to sign up.















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