Our research is focused on novel studies of chemical and biological species within fabricated nanoscale devices. We focus on the fundamental science of nanoscale systems and explore their exciting technological possibilities.


  • Bethany was just named a finalist for the Hertz Fellowship. Congratulations!
  • We welcome Dr. Pete Crisalli, visiting researcher Sean, and our new undergrads Bethany, Josh, and Sam to the Lab! (02/07/14)

We fabricate microfluidic channels for use with Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy
We detect species in microfluidic channels using a cross-channel geometry
Graduate Student Tom Wynne aligning lasers for our TIRF Microscopy System
Scanning Electron Microscope Micrograph of Surface Micromachining Test Sample
A Velociraptor on a photolithography mask design
Silver DNA Nanoclusters fluoresce at tunable wavelengths
Fluorescence is one of the primary means for characterizing samples in microfluidic systems