Huijia (Rachel) Lin

Huijia (Rachel) Lin

Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Computer Science


1153 Harold Frank Hall

University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Algorithms and Theory
Today’s digital world provides a wide spectrum of applications that has revolutionized our ways of computation, interaction and collaboration. Lin's research designs new cryptographic schemes and systems that securely implement these current and other forward-looking applications. An essential theme of her research is using cryptography to reduce or eliminate the need for trust on external entities. For instance, she has focused on designing new protocols for performing computation over distributed sensitive data without central trusted servers, for outsourcing computation to unreliable cloud, for remote storage, access and processing of private information. She also maintains a broad interest in the connection between cryptography and theoretical computation science, and the integration of cryptography into large computer systems.

PhD Computer Science, Cornell University
BS Computer Science, Zhejiang University