CoE Graduate Programs Ranked among Nation's Best

Tuesday, March 30, 2021
The UC Santa Barbara College of Engineering and its graduate programs continue to rank among the upper echelon of universities in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report’s 2022 Best Graduate Engineering Schools rankings. The annual report, released March 30, evaluated 202 engineering schools that granted doctoral degrees. The UCSB College of Engineering ranked No. 14 among public universities and 26th overall.  All four engineering programs evaluated this year ranked in the top 15 among public universities, including two in the top five.  
The materials graduate program ranked second among public universities and fourth overall out of 114 institutions that offered doctorate degrees in materials. The chemical engineering program ranked fifth among public universities and eighth overall out of 128 private and public institutions.  Out of 189 electrical engineering graduate programs, UCSB’s ranked No. 27 overall and 15th among public institutions. The mechanical engineering graduate program ranked No. 15 among public universities and No. 29 out of 182 private and public institutions. 
The 2022 engineering graduate program rankings did not include computer science programs, which are evaluated periodically in the outlet’s science rankings.
Information used to compile the report included surveys submitted by engineering school deans and recruiters, as well as statistical data that included metrics such as acceptance rate, research activity, and student-to-faculty ratio. UCSB ranked fourth among public universities in the highest percentage of faculty in the National Academy of Engineering (9.7 percent). 

The materials, chemical engineering, electrical, and mechanical engineering graduate programs were all ranked in the top 15 among public institutions.