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Academic Advisors are happy to answer questions about the information you see here. Please email us at coe-info@engineering.ucsb.edu.

Congratulations Newly Admitted Gauchos! We welcome you to visit our virtual open house page to learn more about the College of Engineering academic programs and student experience.

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UCSB Open House

The spring 2022 UCSB Open House will take place Saturday, April 9th. Please visit the UCSB Admissions Open House page for the most up to date information and registration details.

Prospective Student Presentations

Learn about the engineering curriculum, research, education abroad opportunities, internships, and more!  The session will be presented on Zoom by an academic advisor from the College of Engineering and is best suited for students, friends, and family who have already been admitted to the College of Engineering at the freshman or transfer levels. Requirements for UC admission will not be covered in this presentation so prospective students and guests are strongly encouraged to attend a UC Santa Barbara Office of Admissions Campus presentation.

Registration required. Please click on the date below to complete the Zoom registration for that session:

Can't make it? Watch a recorded version of the spring 2020 presentation on our YouTube channel.

Virtual Lab Tours

Peruse a selection of photographs of lab spaces here.

Electrical and Computer Engineering lab tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt9Nzy6iDY0&feature=youtu.be

Machine Shop tour:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xByRk-g6OXU

Student Voices

Click to read about the student experience directly from students themselves, or check out videos/flyers from some of our STEM student orgs:

American Institute for Chemical Engineers (AIChE): https://youtu.be/heRekm7ORXY
Coders SB: Info flyer
Los Ingenieros:  https://youtu.be/2VZw60BdC4w
Phi Sigma Rho:  https://youtu.be/z-nwUMUrC4s
Photonics Society:  https://youtu.be/HaH2nKhX1lA
Society of Women Engineers (SWE):  https://youtu.be/QIjUduK90Cg

Student Research Showcase

Welcome to our virtual student research showcase!  Click on the posters to find out more about recent student research conducted.

To view full project descriptions and view more capstone or design projects:

Chemical Engineering:
Name:  Allyson Ee
Research:  Developing Sustainable Synthetic Routes to Lithium-Ion Battery Cathodes
Poster: Poster
Name: Geoffrey Hanson
Research: Building a Photoactive Material that Generates Mechanical Work when Exposed to Light
Poster: Poster
Name:  Corey Kerdman-Andrade
Research: Leveraging Microscopy to Characterize the Morphology & Autoflourescence of Lignocellulose Degrading Microbes
Poster:  Poster


Computer Engineering:
Project Name: Blips
Project: Our goal is to track the movement of doctors, nurses and equipment in an operating room using Bluetooth Low Energy devices that are placed in the employee's ID cards.
Poster: Blips Poster

Project Name: Eternal Flight
Project: Eternal Flight's goal is to address the problem of the short battery life in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) by allowing the ability to operate continuously without the need to land
Poster: Eternal Flight Poster

Project Name: Watchdog
Project: In collaboration with NASA's Ames Research Center, our project, Watchdog, aims to pioneer solutions by using AI to verify astronauts' fidelity to standard operating procedure and offer suggestions during deviation.
Poster: Watchdog Poster

Computer Science:
Team Name: Minimum Viable Team
Project: A telemedicine platform to make virtual doctor's visits effective and efficient by enhancing patient-doctor communication.
Poster: Minimum Viable Team Poster

Team Name: No Cap Stone
Project: Creating more personalized and engaging online interviews to better simulate a real, in person interview.
Poster: No Cap Stone Poster

Team Name: 2B || !2B
Project: A tool that will analyze satellite data to help farmers more efficiently use water and energy.
Poster: 2B or not 2B Poster

Electrical Engineering:
Name: Aureliano Ceballos
Research: Measuring Semiconductor Growth Using Image Processing
Poster: Poster

Name: Danny Hernandez
Research:  Path Planning and Tracking for Autonomous Cars
Poster: Poster

Mechanical Engineering:
Name: Ismael Carvajal
Research: Viscoelastic Properties of Byssal Threads of the Californianus Mussel
Poster: Poster

Name: Alejandro Murillo
Research: Determination of Thermal Properties of GaAs Thin Film Semiconductor Devices
Poster: Poster


View our undergraduate programs brochure for a college overview.

The Technology Management Program (TMP) offers an undergraduate certificate and graduate level programs for students interested in management, business, and entrepreneurship in the science and technology industry. The courses and certificate are open to all students at UCSB. Learn more about TMP.

Roadmap to Graduation: The Grid

Students in the College of Engineering follow a grid for their major. The grid lays out all requirements for the major and have been designed by the faculty to ensure time to degree. We know each student’s situation is different and academic advisors are available to help students adjust their grid to support their needs and goals. Please see our sample grids below. Individual course descriptions can be found in the General Catalog.

Grids for students entering as Freshmen
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Grids for students entering as Transfers
Chemical Engineering
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

ap, ib, and a-level charts

You can see information about how your AP, IB, and A-Level exams will transfer to UCSB in the General Catalog. Students who attend UCSB will be provided individual advising on how exams and other transfer work will impact their time to degree, major requirements, and GE requirements.

Change of Major

Students admitted as freshmen may pursue a change of major into the College of Engineering or between College of Engineering majors. Students admitted as transfers may not pursue a change of major into or within the College of Engineering. Please visit our Change of Major website for more information and details about the requirements for each major. We created a video with some additional information for students admitted as freshmen who are curious about the change of major process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiSxx4DybSo

Career and Internship Information

Students are prepared to enter graduate school or industry after graduation. From quarterly career fairs to on-campus interviews, students are actively recruited for internship and career positions.

View an Internship and Career handout for an overview of campus resources

View a list of Companies that recruit UCSB Engineering students for internship and career positions.