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Harold Frank Hall, Rm. 1006
Office hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-12:00 & 1:00-4:00
Email: coe-info@engineering.ucsb.edu 
Phone: (805) 893-2809
Fax: (805) 893-8124

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Information about student support, tutoring, and the undergraduate study room.

Meet the Office of Undergraduate Studies

The Office of Undergraduate Studies for the College of Engineering provides academic advising and support services for engineering students. 

Glenn Beltz, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Haley Orton, Director of Academic Advising
Tiffany Sabado, Financial and Operations Officer
Katie Title, Academic Advisor
Shariq Hashmi, Academic Advisor
Frances Fouch, Academic Advisor, Transfer Students and Special Programs
Ricardo Uribe, Intake Advisor

Which Advisor? 

Advising services are available to engineering undergraduates at the College, Department/major, and faculty level. In general, here are guidelines to directing your questions:

College Advisors @ Office of Undergraduate Studies (HFH 1006)

  • University policies and procedures
  • General education courses
  • Progress and graduation checks
  • Academic probation 
  • Academic petitions
  • Changing majors
  • Transferring credits from other institutions
  • Education abroad, honors program, and other opportunities

Department Advisors

  • Requirements of the major
  • Course planning
  • Major policies and procedures
  • Prerequisite changes
  • Selecting and approving senior electives

Faculty Advisors

  • Assigned to students during freshman year, depending on the major
  • Content level for course materials
  • Recommendations
  • Research opportunities and grad school planning

Office of Undergraduate Studies Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide every student with exemplary, unwavering professional advising, ensuring that all students reach their academic goals and are prepared for the next steps in their academic or professional lives.

To accomplish this, we:

  • Support every student in developing a sound, personalized education plan that reflects their interests, their strengths, their needs, and their goals.
  • Approach advising as a teaching opportunity, so that students are empowered to take ownership of their academic journey and direct their university experience.
  • Provide asupportive and incluseive environment where respect for diversity in all its forms is paramount.

College Advising Services

Advising FAQs: The Office of Undergraduate Studies encourages students to look through this section of the website to find helpful information that may answer their question. Explore our frequently asked questions.

Academic Requirements: Detailed information for undergraduates in the College of Engineering about University, College, and Major Requirements for graduation. 

Changing Majors: Information for current UCSB students in a non-engineering major, as well as engineering students wishing to change from one engineering major to another.

Transfer of Coursework: Guidelines and important information about receiving credit from courses taken at other institutions, including California community colleges and other UC campuses.

Double Majors & Minors: Information for engineering students about pursuing a minor or a double major in the College of Letters & Science and the College of Creative Studies at UCSB.

Grading: Detailed information about how the grading system works for engineering students, including grade point averages, balance/deficit, and repeating courses.

Graduation/Commencement: Information about declaring degree candidacy, participating in commencement in June, and the engineering Senior Send-off ceremony.

Honors Program: Information about the College of Engineering Honors Program. 

Leaving & Returning: Information for students who are considering leaving the College or returning after a break in attendance.  

Minimum Cumulative Progress (MCP): About the MCP policy, which was designed to provide guidelines for academic progress. 

Petitions: Petitions are written requests for an exception to a published policy. All petitions are considered an exception and, as such, are not always approved. 

Probation: Students who do not meet established minimum standards may be placed on academic probation.     

Study Abroad: How to plan, prepare, and talk to an advisor about education abroad programs for engineering students that keep your graduation plan on track.