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Academic Probation

Undergraduate students are automatically placed on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average in the University of California falls below 2.0 (C average) at the end of any quarter. While on academic probation, students are under the supervision of the College of Engineering Undergraduate Studies Office.

Causes for academic Probation

The College of Engineering reserves the right to place a student on probation at any time there is concern regarding a student's progress towards their degree. Some other causes for a student being placed on probation include:

  • A student's Major or Upper Division Major GPA falling below 2.0
  • A student requesting to repeat a major required course for the second time (third time taking the class)
  • Any time there is a concern regarding progress in the major

Dismissal from the Major

Students who fail to attain a grade-point average of at least 2.0 in work in their major may be denied the privilege of continuing in that major.

Academic Disqualification

Any of the following conditions make undergraduate students subject to academic disqualification from further enrollment at UCSB:

  • At the end of any quarter their grade-point average is less than 1.5 for that quarter.
  • Their grade-point average for any quarter falls below 2.0 while they are on academic probation.
  • After two consecutive quarters on academic probation they have not raised their cumulative UC grade-point average to 2.0 or better.
  • While on academic probation their quarter grade-point average is below 2.2 and their cumulative grade-point average is below 2.0.
  • Students who are subject to academic disqualification are not eligible to register again at UCSB unless they are reinstated on probation by their college.


A student in the College of Engineering may be placed on Academic Probation if the total number of units passed at UCSB is fewer than:

  • 36 at the end of the third term
  • 72 at the end of the sixth term
  • 108 at the end of the ninth term
  • 144 at the end of the twelfth term
  • At least three-fourths of the minimum number of academic units passed must include courses prescribed by the major.

The following courses may be counted toward the unit minimums:

  • Courses repeated to raise C-, D, or F grades
  • Courses passed by examination
  • Courses graded IP (In Progress)
  • Courses passed during summer session at UCSB or at another accredited college or university and transferred to UCSB