Chemical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemical Engineering

Department: Chemical Engineering
Enrollment: 170, Fall 2022
Degrees Awarded: 53, June 2022
Research areas: Materials and interfaces; Polymers; Complex fluids; Bioengineering; Nanomedicine; Systems biology; Energy efficiency and sustainability, Materials chemistry; Modeling, theory and simulation; Molecular thermodynamics. 

Program Overview

The undergraduate chemical engineering program at UCSB balances fundamental principles of science and engineering with the practical skills necessary to apply them. We offer technical electives that provide considerable flexibility and allow students to pursue special interests including biotechnology, materials science, or technology management. The chemical engineering curriculum has been designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing technological society. The quality of undergraduate teaching is superb. Chemical engineering courses are taught by accessible faculty, rather than teaching assistants. Our professors are recognized leaders in their research fields and we take great pride in the outstanding contributions of our alumni in industry, government, and academia.

Subjects & Careers

Chemical engineers develop chemical processes and products that transform raw materials into useful technologies. Graduates are employed in a wide variety of industries that include: chemical manufacturing, energy conversion, plastics, consumer products and pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and semiconductor processing. They are engaged in research, development, design, manufacturing and technical management. Most Chemical Engineering alumni are employed in industry or government agencies; about 20 percent pursue graduate degrees. Some enroll in business school, medical school, or law school. 

As a chemical engineer, you might:
Create new catalysts for alternative energy sources
Develop improved security techniques for detecting dangerous substances
Design pharmaceutical processes to manufacture life-saving drugs
Develop improved manufacturing processes that address sustainability

Specialized Student Organizations

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
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