Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering

Department: Mechanical Engineering
Enrollment: 335, Fall 2022
Degrees Awarded: 78, June 2022
Research areas: Bioengineering and systems biology; Computational science and engineering; Dynamic systems, control, and robotics; Micro and nanoscale engineering; Solid mechanics, materials, and structures; Thermal sciences and fluid mechanics

Program Overview

The undergraduate Mechanical Engineering program at UCSB offers a balanced curriculum, including both theory and application. This includes preparation in basic science, math, computing and writing; a comprehensive set of engineering science and laboratory courses; and a series of engineering design courses starting in the freshman year and concluding with a three-quarter design course sequence in the senior year. Our students gain hands-on expertise utilizing state-of-the-art tools for computational design, analysis and manufacturing that are increasingly used in industry, government and academic institutions.

Senior Year Projects

As their engineering knowledge base expands, many junior and senior students participate in research and design projects sponsored by department faculty researchers. The Senior Capstone Program provides seniors with a one-year long design project which emphasizes team-based engineering design work over a wide range of applications. The Capstone Program encompasses competition-based projects, such as mini-baja and supermileage vehicles, biomedical technology, aerospace, microdevices, and many other opportunities for students to focus their mechanical engineering education. The program has developed extensive partnerships with industry to emphasize entrepreneurial product-oriented projects, as well as fostering industrial mentorship of student efforts.

Specialized Student Organizations

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
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