Student Voices

Abel Semma, Computer Engineering

I applied to all the UCs and got accepted to a few. UCSB was the first one I decided to visit, during Open House, and after that, I didn’t even go to the others. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly here, and it was really pretty. I know it’s their job to be nice to us, but it seemed genuine. The students, the people who worked here — they all seemed genuinely happy to be here.

Since I’ve been here, the advisors in the undergraduate office and in computer science have been really good. They always help you get the right classes and advise you on what classes to take, so you don’t have to worry about staying on track. If you have questions, they’re always there to help and support you.

I worked on faculty research and found that after a certain point, it was about my effort. The professor might say, “I need this by this time,” but then, how you do it is up to you. I’ve liked all my professors. I ask a lot of questions, but I never get the feeling from a professor that I’m asking too many questions. They’re always willing to help. They’re not trying to cut anyone out.

I feel like I’ve changed since I came here. When I arrived, I’d be scared to try something new or hard, but my view has changed. I just take classes, and if it’s hard, so what? I now have this optimistic view on everything. I feel like a lot of my friends have gone through the same thing. You can tell when people close to you change. I’ve seen friends open up and become more sociable. That’s a lot for someone who might not be naturally be very social. I’m sure they’re enjoying themselves more now.